Novacolor Headquarter

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The design for new Novacolor Headquarter demonstrates how a brand building focused strategy is be able to communicate to the public the identity and the mission of a company that for over twenty years working in the world of design and architecture offering high quality solutions Made in Italy appreciated all over the world.

The project gives the space an emotional and contemporary mood, which translates into a dimension with a strong character.

The use of shades and finishes in line with the latest market trends and design solutions, faithfully reflect the mission of Novacolor, characterized by a highly professional profile, aimed at testing new materials and innovative and emotional surfaces.

The combination of warm colors, concrete and metal finishes and a deep blue resin floor born from a careful chromatic research and the juxtaposition of material surfaces.

Efficient spot-LED and LED strips recessed in the ceiling create a dynamic game of light and shadow able to focus on the excellent finishes of the Italian company. The lighting design is a plus that characterizes the Studio; lighting solutions able to make more comfortable the spaces but especially to emphasize the quality of the exhibited products.

The uniqueness of the project lies, in summary, in the desire to offer the customer a short trip in the company’s history through an interior able to tell his international experience in physical and material way.